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Slingo Supreme app for iPhone and iPad

4.2 ( 8512 ratings )
Games Casino Puzzle
Developer: funkitron
0.99 USD
Current version: 2.11.199, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 06 Aug 2010
App size: 65.74 Mb

"It’s safe to say that Slingo and the iPhone might just be the greatest pairing since peanut butter met chocolate." - 4 1/2 stars!!! Gamezebo

Over 20,000 Reviews and still 4 1/2 stars! Thanks again Slingo Fans!!!

Sale Price: 0.99! 16 Powerups! Play as much as you want. No extra cost to play more! Incredible value!

For over 15 years, Slingo has delighted its fans, and the iPhone is the home to one of the best versions of the game:
Slingo Supreme for the iPhone!

Slingo is the addictive and fun combination of SLOTS and BINGO! And Slingo Supreme is the most polished, full-featured Slingo game ever.

The heart of Slingo Supreme is the innovative Supreme mode.

In Supreme, as you play, you will unlock powerups. These powerups will then let you build your own custom Slingo game! Unlock more powerups, and build even more types of Slingo games. Each combination makes a totally new play experience. And get this, with 12 types of powerups, you can combine them each in different ways to create over 16,000 ways to play!!! Can you create your own favorite game to give you that top score?

But we just didnt stop there. Weve always heard from fans about features they wanted. And in Slingo Supreme, we are delivering them.

Hate the Devil? In this game, instead of just taking half your points, you now finally get to beat him at his own game. Slingo Supreme contains the New Devil Mini Games that let you get back at the devil.

Bummed out when you dont get a match? Now you can enable Reel Nudge which will give you another chance to make a match by knocking the reels when no match exists. Nothing like banging the machine to demand a match!

Want a new challenge every day? Now, the game will create a custom challenge for you each day. And check this out, it does it dynamically so you will never run out of daily challenges.

So get ready to play Slingo Supreme, and get ready to unlock new powerups, conquer daily challenges and build your own top scoring Slingo game!

And plus, we heard from our fans that the wanted more more more Slingo! So check this out:

Unlocked all the power ups?

Slingo Supreme now lets you purchase Slingo Supreme 2 right in the game! That means 16 new power ups, and many mini games to play and awards to win to extend your Slingo game play even further!

Love Slingo Quest?

Wow, you can now purchase Slingo Quest right in the game, and the first Quest is free! Slingo Quest is a hit level based version of Slingo, that includes custom designed challenges that progress as you go, complete with story and cutscenes. Slingo Quest also includes the ability to use Challenge Coins to get Free and Extra Spins, for when you just really need one more spin! Each Quest features a collection of unique levels that are all very entertaining and fun. Be sure to give the first free Quest a try!

Want it to make use of your new fancy phone?

Retina, yes!
iPhone 5, yes!

One free daily challenge not enough for you?

You can now purchase coins to get unlock your own Personal Challenges. As many as you need! We love to see how many we can beat in a day!

Want even more!?!

We do too! And we never stop working to bring you even more Slingo fun!

Slingo Supreme is truly a SUPREME casual game and is just PERFECT for your iPhone!

Thanks for reading this, and have a real nice day!

Pros and cons of Slingo Supreme app for iPhone and iPad

Slingo Supreme app good for

Lots of fun , fast moving and addictive Love the challenges!! I
Great game. Superb and quick thinking to keep the mind active.
Awesome game. Love the daily challenges. Hard to put down once you start playing.
The game is great, lots of different goals to try to achieve and the daily challenges are a bonus. It would be nice if you could play previously missed daily challenges for free though, but still well worth the money
Just purchased Supreme 2 and if I try to just play a game rather than do a challenge it just closes out!!! Please fix ASAP! Need to play my Slingo!
Game is fantastic and addictive. Support is great, and quick to respond to issues! Highly recommend (-:

Some bad moments

Dont like the update because I have to restart some of my awards and i must buy slingo 2 to do that...
Now I can play the daily challenge but when I try to play supreme it shuts down but when I got it to work it told me I had to buy slingo 2 and then I did and now the game has stopped working for me again on the supreme one the classic is fine and the daily challenges are fine but not the supreme please fix !!!!!!!!
Ive been truly enjoying (and paying) for all your apps...downloaded the latest slingo update, would have bought slingo2, but now I cant even play the original!!! App shuts down every time I click on Play Supreme. Please post an update that cancels the last, and have a rethink about your QA strategy.
Funkitron has taken a good thing and ruined it. The cash out button doesnt work for the daily challenge. So Im forced to play (and pay) until the end even if I dont want to. Whats the point to that? Supreme doesnt work anymore. Was this update beta tested before it was rolled out? This is an inconvenience.
This new update is horrible. In the daily challenge you cant even "cash out" after 16 spins. You have to use your points to get to 20. Too much change in the game and the new slingo2 for 2.99 is ridiculous. I havent even tried supreme yet for fear my app will shut down just like everyone elses. looks like another app Id rather delete than deal with the bugs!
The "shuttingdown" in the upgrade should have been caught before release. Very poor business decision. Wont be buying supreme2. Really loved old version of supreme. Rated it 5 stars . Unfortunately -5 not available for upgrade. Did try shutting phone off twice as per support suggestion. Still doesnt work. Should never have to restart phone for an upgrade. Cant wait to get the supreme2 upgrade for free after this marketing blunder.

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